Friendica Hackathon

Hackathon in Berlin to prepare the 3.6 release of Friendica.

Room is limited, so please let us know if you plan to join us in Berlin.

Beginnt: Freitag, 24. November 2017, 16:00

Endet: Sonntag, 26. November 2017, 20:00

Ort: Jugendclub E-LOK

6 Personen nehmen teil
4 Personen nehmen nicht teil
Tobias Friendica
We will discuss some orga stuff at this weeks (uups, typo ;-) ) LUG meeting, but in any case, this is a short reminder that Hackathon will be in about 3 weeks :-D
Yeah, I will book a hotel room today.
Booking is done.

@Rabuzarus what about you?
OK, I'll be there ;-)
Tobias Friendica
Sad to see @Fabio ;-) Will you join remotely?
BTW: I informed @lain (Creator of Pleroma) about the hackathon as well. Maybe he steps in for a visit as well.
@Tobias I hope, I'll try to be in IRC
Tobias Friendica
At Friday 24th, I'll be there at 16 o'clock to get the keys and to open the Hackathon.
hoergen Friendica
Too early for me. Think will be able to be there at 18 o'clock.
Tobias Friendica
I think, in the beginning will be some shopping at the near by supermarket. ;-)
Tobias Friendica
When do you plan to arrive? Among other things, there was the idea to have a workshop of "How to do create an addon". If all the external are only there on Sat/Sun we could make this at Fri afternoon/evening after everything is set up.
hoergen Friendica
I can be there at 18 o'clock
I don't have other plans for that evening yet, so I'll be there, when somebody(TM) opens the door to let us in :-)
I will arrive during the friday. Possibly I will give my car a ride. And if that works, I could be there early.
I will be there at Friday evening.

Who is interested in this workshop?
You should think about recording the workshop on video. This would be a good youtube tutorial.
Tobias Friendica
Ok, so we will be all there from Friday on :-)

The topic came up during the monthly FRe;AK meetings at c-base. Same for the translation "workshop".

I really don't know how to do a recording of this. But I can gladly provide a blog posting about it. Which is also the way I prefer to learn something new. Though I know that the cool kids of today use youtube for it.
hoergen Friendica
I will be there, but im not interested to be recorded for youtube.
Tobias Friendica
I think Rabuzarus meant a screencast-tutorial thingy. But I thought more about a hands-on thing.
Idea is to record the screen not the people (the video can be cut to have only information for hacking - no private things)
Tobias Friendica
The Addon workshop will be Friday after 19h when all interested people are there. (just to mention it here as well)
Tobias Friendica
Huhu, seit ihr schon alle da?
@Tobias eben gerade im Hotel eingecheckt. Ich fahre jetzt rüber.
sorry, leute hier ist etwas dazwischen gekommen. werde erst morgen bei euch auftauchen :-/
Tobias Friendica
Alles klar. Bis morgen
Susanne Friendica
Ich bring ein paar kleine Brötchen mit
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