it's not a bug, it's a feature......
(I myself, had known about it [and a bit more] since about that time. seeing the "bug" reports is almost laughable.....only it's so f'd up it's really not funny.)

what's really the kicker here.....
Die Ziet had reported it to public round that time while TPM was the key means of infiltration.
Ohhh the memories of goldfish populations

it's almost laughable.....
actually, o.k., it is laughable all the way into sky and beyond ROTFLcopters
(we swear..... it's a bug -the mgmt)

the joke is just in really poor taste.
NSA inside :v Hahaha Loved
aye, granted it's more like nsa/bnd/ghcq....
basically, "intel" inside indeed.
I don't know that the two perspectives are mutually exclusive. Isn't sloppy design easier and cheaper than clean/secure design?
Personally at a former time in life, but around the time being discussed here, I'd been working I.T. Sec with a certain major Enterprise corp. As Windows 8 and Server 2012 were being introduced, we began doing a mad dash from basically all Win systems.
A good number of us were aware of all sorts of issues with both systems, though I can not say that any single one of us in my dept knew exactly what all was up with the new Win systems, but collectively we'd found all sorts of issues that we'd discussed amongst ourselves. (there wasn't really a need to report anything in given the mad dash already in progress)
Interestingly, while VP execs and else all had to turn in their old Windows boxes (there were a few rare exceptions where XP boxes were left in place if I recall; but otherwise, if it was Win it had to come in), we were on strict policy to only offer up that there were "security issues", with no further elaboration, if we were questioned on why the boxes had to come in.
Oddly, our co had been involved in developing the security issue itself, but as corp compartmentalizat... mehr anzeigen
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