Hey U.S. - What right is more important: The right to own a #gun or not to be shot by a gun owner?

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I don't think the problem is to own gun... the problem is in the people mental health.
You can kill someone with kitchen knife, axe or toothpick :) or blow many with homemade bomb. You always can found a weapon. The problem is not in the weapon...
Last I checked murder was murder.
In other countries - the problem is still there ............
The problem is not the gun - it is partly to do with law ........... especially in a country where it was always shown as
some form or macho stand off ( one gunslinger against another ) that was supposedly when it was one on one.

The reality in the USA is that there are that many guns and that many people with them ....... that any law would be
quite useless. ( But it would be a start to say that anyone found with gun and ammunition in a place where children
or mentally deranged people can get to them ...........should be taken away and shown all the incidents where children or mental people have used such weapons to destroy so many others lives.) would you arrest them and put them in prison for leaving weapons out and available for others to use.

People own guns in the UK ........ but there are laws that limit the potential for bad incidents happening ........ it does not always work ........ but it at least keeps the environment free of many dangers arising from someone going off on one and takin... mehr anzeigen
I don't want to be shot. And I feel much safer when all the crazy people can't buy a gun easily.
I don't want to be poisoned yet we sell rat and bug poison quite easily. Farmers have fertilizer for bombs. Seems a lot of stabbings and van attacks in Europe, even grenade attacks, what's up with those?
What right is more important: The right to own a #car or not to be run down by a car owner?
Yes, statisticsaly have a lot more people killed by cars.
Well comparing statistics that are not correlated is meaning less. A car is made to move people from one point to another. Accidents and misuse lead to a frightening number of accident resulting into death. But it is not comparable even if death is the resultant. Life itself leads to death. Life is the biggest killer of all, by this logic.
A gun is design to kill. It is its purpose. Any other activities with guns are socialy constructed to make guns accecptable in public space.
If you unfortunately get shot, it is sad to say but the gun has served its purpose. It was build for that.
If you want to kill someone and you have gun, this will be your first option but if you not have gun you will have other options. Just someone will be death from something else, not gun...
And is stupid choice to kill someone with legal owned gun... because balistic expertise and other things...
And is stupid choice to kill someone with legal owned gun…
Humans are stupid. Look at the graph i posted.
A gun has the potential to kill somebody -- depending on how you use it. I would say a guns purpose is to defend yourself from other people who want to initiate violence against you. Of course a gun needs to be able to potentially kill, otherwise it wouldn't serve its purpose.
....Police in Idaho say a two-year-old boy shot and killed his 29-year-old mother in a Walmart store after finding the weapon in her purse.....
this is bullshits, two year boy not have enough strenght to load and pull the triger.
Well, reality is a lie, how else do you explain the Moon-Vikings?

some else kill her and blame the kid
Oh, reality is not the way you want it to be? How sad.
nevermind of the type of the weapon, the springs are too hard for two year old kid
What kind of argument is this? The parent is responsible to secure her weapon. It's about responsibiliy. If she fails to do so it is her fault -- c'est la vie.
When children unintentionally shoot themselves or other people, media reports typically follow. A three-year-old boy is playing with a gun and shoots himself in the face. A four-year-old girl discovers a gun and shoots her four-year-old cousin, killing him. A three-year-old boy shoots himself in the head. A five-year-old accidentally shoots a three-year-old girl. A five-year-old boy accidentally shoots and kills himself. A four-year-old boy accidentally shoots himself. A two-year-old boy shoots and kills his 11-year-old sister. It goes on like this, story after story of unintentional shootings involving children that lead to injuries or deaths. (Many unintentional shootings of children occur when they are with people of similar ages, Vernick said, though many also involve children by themselves.)
Well, as i said: Reality is a Bitch. read full article
People should simply not carry guns. A lot of Humans are to stupid, lazy, responsible to handle weapons. Therefore only the Army and Police (and some hunters, maybe) should be allowed to have weapons, the rest does not have proper training and|or mental+moral status.
and who give loaded weapon to the kids?
Obviously the same idiots that own weapons.
The same idiots that should not be allowed to own them, to be exact.
hunters are worst ... they drink and uses weapons :)
in my country to own weapon you must pass psycho test and instruction test. the weapon and ammo must be locked in two different cases...
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