The 23% hacker girls ...

I'm traveling around at the moment. Today I was at a hacker space in a nice big town at the coast. I met a girl hacker team. They only hack bank accounts of male managers and steal 23% of the money. As you all know 23% is the unadjusted gender pay gap. Now they build up a center with this money, where the managers could win their money back. They have to do a challenge there against women to show that they are 23% better. If they are better than 23% they will get all their money back. If not they will only get the percentage they're better as the women. The money that stays over goes into sex changes for poor women, who need a better salary.
#feminism #justice #activism #protest #equality #change #women #rights #Gender #PayGap #Money #economy
Interesting, whats the challenge is?
And where will be the challenge? Must be on some neutral terythory, South pole? :D Sounds logisticaly impossible for organisation.
Jorge diaspora
Es gibt viele dumme Leute, die meisten sind Chefs.
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