Why #America Fails at Gathering #Hate #Crime #Statistics


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Why America Fails at Gathering Hate Crime Statistics — ProPublica

The FBI relies on local law enforcement agencies to identify and report crimes motivated by bias, but many agencies fumble this task.
Adrint diaspora
Because hatred isn't a crime. It is part of the human experience. It is just as human as love.
Failed sarcasm, I'd say... ^
Adrint diaspora
False, I am 110% serious.
Let alone that I'm not so sure there is a logical 110%.... the post is about hate crimes. It is not a treaty whether hatred is a crime. One would need to know what hate crimes means.
Adrint diaspora
I assume in this context, "hate crime" means "someone disagreed with me / hurt my feelings".
Someone who eats omelettes disagrees with me/hurt my feelings since they are baby murderers. They murder chicks. They are cannibals. You can relate with your picture there can't you...?
Adrint diaspora
Afraid not. Most "hate speech" legislation in the west these days essentially boils down to "don't say or imply anything negative about these particular groups", mostly as an excuse for the state to impose / increase surveillance of private communications.
Adrint diaspora
And like a bunch of sycophants, spineless automatons eat it up.
Well, you are intentionally missing the point and to be objective..... people deserve the govs they get. Shitty people, shitty govs.
Adrint diaspora
I've been drinking quite a bit throughout the holiday festivities as of late. I do apologize if you feel that your point has been missed.
Oh and once again..... the "west" (or east or south or north or whichever) is one of those million artifacts that only exist in boxed up minds.
Adrint diaspora
By "west", I refer to the "1st world", "democratic" states commonly found throughout North America and western Europe.
Adrint diaspora
Where ever NATO has it's tentacles, generally.
"I do apologize if you feel that your point has been missed." It is not my point that you are intentionally avoiding. It's the post.
This post is alarming and it tells some truth. How many ppl do you see here agreeing with it or discussing it: objectively?
That's people for you. Always blaming someone else just shows cowardice.
Oh and by the other way, again, North America is no democratic and no first world in my books. The US for starter, one of the most uncivilized places in the world!
A hate CRIME defines a crime, regardless of hate. If you just try google or any search engine you can't miss pages and pages with that definition and explanation. Gosh, one even needs to tell others the ABC of discorse on here. It's like having to waste time teaching toddlers they gotta poop inside the loo and not outside. Just for practical reasons of course hey.

Bottom line, hate whoever the heck you want. Just stay in your place when it comes to others' lives. The US, just as you mentioned the so-called "west"...... when exactly does it intend to repay the devastating damage it's been causing to others since at least 9/11?
You think that playing at issuing fines and sanctions to others with no right and no jurisdiction to do that exempts the Bush et al from what they did? Not a chance. Start looking at home before judging others. The world is a totally worse place today because of such psychopathic warmongers. See you.
Adrint diaspora
That's quite a bit of scarecrowing there. Do you honestly think I'm a fan of clowns like bush, and his massive waste of resources chasing enemies and weapons that didn't exist in the middle east? And if a "hate crime" "defines a crime, regardless of hate", then what is the purpose of the "hate" prefix? Clearly its purpose it to indict people for thoughts, feelings that the legislators don't agree with.
I can't be asked to waste my time with wooden heads like you. Have fun in your lil world of fictions.
Adrint diaspora
How quick you are to give up on those who don't share your views exactly.
Enjoy your echo-chamber.
Illogical idiots and liars don't pay my bills. If and when any of you shits pay me A LOT of money and by the second, I might even consider bullshitting around with yourselves illogical idiots and liars. Retards and provokers hiding behind a screen as you shitty lots are have no balls to even kiss my a$$ :)
Adrint diaspora
A lot of words for someone with nothing to say. :^)
Bullshit. You alt-right antiwomen haters didn't even do a basic course in reading. Oh.... you never got a brain, that's why. Waste of resources from whatever State. Even the most uncivilized ones.
First buy a pair of balls then you can pretend to be wanna-be-fascists. You lot can't even handle one girl's comment! Hahahahaha pigs.
Adrint diaspora
basic course in reading
Let me guess, you majored in minority basket weaving at your local non-stem college. Cute.
Ever considered reading for fun in your spare time? It can be quite rewarding, and costs a lot less. :P
What you saying? I'm really sorry, I don't speak idiot otherwise I'd understand you.
Adrint diaspora
Aww, don't wanna play anymore? No matter, it was good fun regardless.
Have yourself a great year.

Hmm.... You haven't paid me yet...

And...... "False, I am 110% serious." stil failed sarcasm ;)
Adrint diaspora
"Everyone who has opinions I don't like must be a troll"

I never entered a contract for you or anyone trying sooooo hard to 'put their own words, concepts and actions that do not belong to me' in my mouth. It's delusional how your kind strives to be right when you are wrong black on white.
And, again, bickering about people commenting to just avoid the objective topic is soooo veeeery delusional and sign of poor intellect. Shame.
Adrint diaspora
Objective topic? Ha, you've been doing nothing but running around and rambling about irrelevant, inane things all day.
Well, that is simply a complete falsification of the facts. Don't project your shit on others plz. It doesn't look good on you. Byeoooo. Convo ended.
Adrint diaspora
Still waiting for that topic.
Discussing with chickens is a waste of time like I have already said. A crime is a crime. You don’t know your word meanings. A hate crime is defined so because that’s how it gets defined, motivated by hate. If they were not illegal, those fools getting your money to do a job they aren’t doing gotta get out of the way and let competent ones deal with it.
Alternative, get rid of all the laws. Shooting criminals motivated by hate has endless advantages. It gives MUCH pleasure, it cleans up the scene of parasites, it significantly diminishes the probability of perpetration and many more benefits.

Wot kinda statist yer trying to pretend to be? Pfft.
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