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DetailsNameDescriptionDownload CategoryStatus
addonamstradcpcAmstrad CPCThe ultimate Friendica addon - embeds an Amstrad CPC into your website, making Friendica the first communications platform with it's own Z80 Emulator! Relive classics like Sorcery Plus, Elite, Winter Games, Crocomagneto and more, without ever leaving your Friendica site!
addonbrowserquestBrowser QuestMozilla's HTML 5 Browser Quest RPG. Fight monsters, collect weapons and armour, kill the big bad boss monster. Also includes an achievement system.
addonbubblevolcanoBubble VolcanoAn interesting puzzle game, putting an interesting twist on the classic Bust-A-Move.
addoncanicheatdeathCan I Cheat Death?An adult adventure game by Simon Avery. If you have no sense of humour, are under 16, or are easily offended, please switch off now.
addondungeonsandtreasuresDungeons And TreasuresDungeons and treasures is a French browser based dungeon crawler, that pays you to play, and also offers competitions and prizes.
addonfarmmaniaFarm ManiaAll the fun of the farm, but without spamming your friends.
addonghostsvszombiesGhosts VS ZombiesPlay your part in the eternal battle between Ghosts and Zombies in this puzzle game.
addongoldminerGold MinerCollect gold nuggets quickly before the time expires to advance to the next level.
addongoldstrikeGold StrikeBreak the bricks to avoid being crushed. Match the colours type game.
addonhalloweenHalloweenShoot the pumpkins and collect the...uh, white thingies, in this halloween game.
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