#Amazon: Jeff #Bezos is the richest person in #history


What should one think of a #system in which people become so shamelessly rich by creating precarious jobs?

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Jeff Bezos net worth: Amazon CEO now richest person in history

With Amazon stock continuing to climb, Jeff Bezos just set record for highest net worth ever.
I wonder if these kind of "rankings" account for money hidden away in tax-havens.
juan Diaspora
La porno economia, la lujuria de contar plata, a ver quien la tiene mas grande...generando pobres para llegar a la meta
對啊!Porn economy, the lust of counting money, to see who has it bigger... generating poor people to reach the goal.
Tedel diaspora
Does having more money make him any more…

a) intelligent?
b) sexy?
c) interesting?
d) all of the above?
e) any of the above?

I doubt it.
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