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Friendica Addons

Note: Work in progress. Layout will be improved

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DetailsName DescriptionDownloadCategoryStatus
addonmarkdownMarkdown for Friendica, Markdowntesting
addonemojioneEmoji One for Friendica, Smiley, Emoji Onetesting
addontangramTangramA jigsaw-puzzly type game.
addoncaldavCalendar with CalDAV SupportA web-based calendar system with CalDAV-support. Also brings your Friendica-Contacts to your CardDAV-capable mobile phone. Requires PHP >= 5.3.
addoncthulhuchoiceCthulhu ChoiceAdd Great Old Ones to your sexual preference options!
addonredditreaderReddit ReaderAdd a Reddit reader as an app.
addonforumdirectoryForum DirectoryAdd a directory of forums hosted on your server, with verbose descriptions., Forumworking
addonfortunateFortunateAdd a random fortune cookie at the bottom of every pages.
addonscientificcalculatorScientific CalculatorAdd a scientific calculator to your Friendica apps., Toolunknown
addonvideochatVideo ChatAdd a video chat room to Friendica.
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