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DetailsNameDescriptionDownload CategoryStatus
addondonateDonateThis addon adds a "donate now" button to the bottom of every page. When clicked, a user will be taken to the page shown in the screenshot. An admin may define up to five payment methods to accept donations from. A badge for each payment method will appear beneath the text when this is configured (in the screenshot, no payment methods are configured).
addonnoindexNoIndexNoIndex is a simple plugin which adds a meta tag to the top of each page to prevent indexing from search engines. This tags takes the form <meta name="robots" content="noindex" />
addonalternatepaginationAlternate PaginationChange pagination from using explicit page numbers to simple "newer" and "older" page links. This will speed up page load times., Adminworking
addonconvertpathsConvert PathsConverts all internal paths according to the current scheme (http or https)
addondefaultfeaturesDefault FeaturesChoose which Additional Features are on by default for new users on the site.
addonexternalcronExternal CronUse external server or service to run poller regularly
addongrouptextGroup TextDisable images in group edit menu
addonfromappFromAppChange the displayed application you are posting from, Privacyunknown
addonblackoutBlackoutBlackout your ~friendica node during a given period, requires PHP >= 5.3, Admin, Protestunknown
addonimpressumImpressumPlugin to add contact information to the about page (/friendica), Regulationsworking
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