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Friendica Addons

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Details NameDescriptionDownloadCategoryStatus
addonalternatepaginationAlternate PaginationChange pagination from using explicit page numbers to simple "newer" and "older" page links. This will speed up page load times., Adminworking
addonamstradcpcAmstrad CPCThe ultimate Friendica addon - embeds an Amstrad CPC into your website, making Friendica the first communications platform with it's own Z80 Emulator! Relive classics like Sorcery Plus, Elite, Winter Games, Crocomagneto and more, without ever leaving your Friendica site! postings import and export
addonappsAppsReplace the apps menu with arbitrary HTML - useful for sites with lots of addons resulting in an unwieldy list.
addonbinweevilsBinweevilsInclude the kids game site Binweevils in your Friendica.
addonblackoutBlackoutBlackout your ~friendica node during a given period, requires PHP >= 5.3, Admin, Protestunknown
addonbloggerpostBlogger Post ConnectorPost to Blogger (or anything else which uses blogger XMLRPC API)
addonbrowserquestBrowser QuestMozilla's HTML 5 Browser Quest RPG. Fight monsters, collect weapons and armour, kill the big bad boss monster. Also includes an achievement system.
addonleavemealoneBrowser QuestBelieve it or not, all I'm looking for is a quiet life. I wish people would just leave me alone. Well, now you can score points by making people leave you alone!
addonbubblevolcanoBubble VolcanoAn interesting puzzle game, putting an interesting twist on the classic Bust-A-Move.
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