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Friendica Addons

Note: Work in progress. Layout will be improved

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Filtered by tag=Privacy

DetailsName DescriptionDownloadCategoryStatus
addonfromappFromAppChange the displayed application you are posting from, Privacyunknown
addonmayalocationsMaya LocationsSet a random Mayan location as your post location., Location, Privacyunknown
addoncthulhumythoslocationsCthulhu Mythos LocationsSet a random location from the Cthulhu Mythos as your post location., Location, Privacyunknown
addonweknowwhatyouredoingWe Know What You're DoingSpy on random strangers, by reading their public Facebook posts!, Privacyunknown
addongnotGnotThread email comment notifications on Gmail and anonymise them, Privacyunknown
addonblockemblockemblock people, Privacyworking
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