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Friendica Addons

Note: Work in progress. Layout will be improved

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DetailsNameDescriptionDownload CategoryStatus
addoncurrentweatherCurrent WeatherShows current weather conditions for user's location on their network page., Weatherunknown
addonlasttweetsLast TweetsShows a latest tweets widget in the sidebar and/or the profile., Twitterbroken
addonscientificcalculatorScientific CalculatorAdd a scientific calculator to your Friendica apps., Toolunknown
addoncalculatorCalculator AppSimple Calculator Application
addonconverterConverter AppUnit converter application
addonimpressumImpressumPlugin to add contact information to the about page (/friendica), Regulationsworking
addonblackoutBlackoutBlackout your ~friendica node during a given period, requires PHP >= 5.3, Admin, Protestunknown
addoncthulhumythoslocationsCthulhu Mythos LocationsSet a random location from the Cthulhu Mythos as your post location., Location, Privacyunknown
addonmayalocationsMaya LocationsSet a random Mayan location as your post location., Location, Privacyunknown
addonweknowwhatyouredoingWe Know What You're DoingSpy on random strangers, by reading their public Facebook posts!, Privacyunknown
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