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Friendica Addons

Note: Work in progress. Layout will be improved

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DetailsNameDescriptionDownload CategoryStatus
addonwhatsappwebclientWhatsapp WebclientDescription Missing, Some kind of connection to whatsapp postings import and export
addonbloggerpostBlogger Post ConnectorPost to Blogger (or anything else which uses blogger XMLRPC API)
addonbufferpostBuffer Post ConnectorPost to Buffer (Linkedin,, Google+, Facebook, Twitter)
addondiasporapostDiaspora Post ConnectorPost to Diaspora
addondreamwidthpostDreamwidth Post ConnectorPost to dreamwidth
addoninsanejournalInsanejournal Post ConnectorPost to Insanejournal
addontypographyTypographyThis addpn uses the php typography library by KINGdesk to enhance the typography of postings in friendica., Displaytesting
addonemojioneEmoji One for Friendica, Smiley, Emoji Onetesting
addoncalendarexportCalendar ExportThis addon exports the public events of your users as calendar files, Exportunknown
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