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Friendica Addons

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DetailsNameDescriptionDownload CategoryStatus
addonalternatepaginationAlternate PaginationChange pagination from using explicit page numbers to simple "newer" and "older" page links. This will speed up page load times., Adminworking
addongravatarGravatar SupportIf there is no avatar image for a new user or contact this plugin will look for one at Gravatar., Avatarworking
addoncommunityhomeCommunity homeShow last community activity in homepage, Communityworking
addontypographyTypographyThis addpn uses the php typography library by KINGdesk to enhance the typography of postings in friendica., Displaytesting
addonblackoutBlackoutBlackout your ~friendica node during a given period, requires PHP >= 5.3, Admin, Protestunknown
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