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Friendica Addons

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DetailsNameDescriptionDownload CategoryStatus
addonappsAppsReplace the apps menu with arbitrary HTML - useful for sites with lots of addons resulting in an unwieldy list.
addoncthulhuchoiceCthulhu ChoiceAdd Great Old Ones to your sexual preference options!
addonetherpadlightEtherpad LightThis addon embeds an etherpad-lite app into your ~friendica installation.The app is accessable via the "apps" menu of ~friendica but allows only your members to access the etherpad-lite installation. It also passes the users nickname forward to etherpad-lite as the author.
addonfartFartMake your Friendica fart!
addonflipFlipFlip text, and make posts upside down.
addongroupsGroupsThis includes the global forum directory as an app. This is probably deprecated since it became possible to search the global directory from the local search function.
addonredditreaderReddit ReaderAdd a Reddit reader as an app.
addonsmallfortuneSmall FortuneUse a remote hosted version of the official fortunate addon. This addon is intended for people using shared hosting only. We reserve the right to restrict/block requests from large public servers.
addonvideochatVideo ChatAdd a video chat room to Friendica.
addonbuglinkBugLinkShow link to Friendica bug site at bottom of page
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