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DetailsNameDescriptionDownload CategoryStatus
addonfbgroupFBGroupThe idea is that this connector is to be used for two things only: 1.) To post to a facebook group. 2.) To mirror a facebook group onto a Soapbox page. This addon will only post your entries to a Facebook page/group or mirror content from the same page/group. It's not supposed to be used for your personal facebook communication. For that use the facebook or fbpost connectors. This connector is designed to work simultaneously with those connectors., Facebookunknown
addonfacebookFacebookThis addon allows you to connect to your Facebook account from within Friendica. Your Facebook friends will be integrated with your Friendica contacts, and their posts will appear in your network as they do with other contacts. This offers as close to seamless integration of Facebook as their API allows., Facebookunknown
addonfacebookrestrictFacebook RestrictInstall this addon and Facebook users will not be able to link friends. Users can still cross post to Facebook and receive comments, but the contacts will no longer be indistinguishable from users of the free web. Existing users that are linking friends will not be affected., Facebookunknown
addonfacebookpostFacebook Post ConnectorPost to Facebook, Facebookworking
addonfacebooksyncFacebook SyncSynchronizes the Facebook Newsfeed, Facebookunknown
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