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#Beijing is cultivating the next #generation of African elites by training them in #China

It’s a #campaign that achieves several goals at once. The trips help solidify political and #business ties between China and its partners on the #continent. Like other #development partners, China gets to help build capacity in African countries. Most importantly these exchanges cultivate partners on the continent who are more likely to be sympathetic to China and its way of doing things.
But not all lessons from China should be learned. Under Xi Jinping, China has tightened its stranglehold over civil #society. South #Sudan is already familiar with some of these tactics. Local journalists are intimidated into silence or killed.

#Africa #freedom #politcs #news #journalism #HumanRights

Quartz: Beijing is cultivating the next generation of African elites by training them in China (Lily Kuo)

“We have learned quite a lot from the Chinese Communist Party."
We’re Suing to Keep Kentucky Politicians Out of the Exam Room #abortion #politcs

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An Obscure GOP Rule Aimed at Stopping Insurgents Is Helping Donald Trump #politcs of phobia

The crazy, wacky Pennsylvania delegate system, explained (sort of)

The rule was inspired by Ron Paul's 2012 campaign. Now Trump stands to gain.
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