Beiträge die mit giffarcana getaggt sind

27th of March is on and I ran a random number generator on the list of giveaway entrants and the winner is @ThatDamnCat! #giffarcana
@Gargon noice can share arcana with friend #giffarcana
@Gargron #giffarcana ,also change that button colour
@Gargron Hello friend, I am trying my chances in this brave new world

@Gargron #giffarcana prof pic > mfw i got that sweet arcana oh yeah
Juggernaut arcana giveaway!

You need to have an account on any Mastodon instance, be following at least 10 other people, and toot @ me with the hashtag #giffarcana

For a 2nd raffle ticket (higher chance to win) you must also post a link to your Mastodon profile on Twitter (link me the tweet so I can verify)

If you wanna get your friends to sign up and follow each other, that's fine - it's about you trying out the platform :)
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