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Anunnaki signal - Father

from VA. - Visions of Darkness... in Iranian Contemporary Music
A great dark ambient, ambient, drone compilation that shows how interesting and diverse the Iranian scene has become in the past decade, highly, highly recommended.

The music on Visions of Darkness shows a thriving community of explorers and risk-takers, both sonically and physically speaking. Though all the artists are unknown in the Western world, each possesses a love and excitement for their craft through a myriad of tones, textures and emotions. Various modes of experimentalism receive representation, from overdriven static to dark ambiance to found sound tapestries, and on to ominous synth drones and alien lounge music that actually contains a beat. It’s like the topography of the country – its mountains, deserts, valleys and riverbeds – set to music in the shadows of moonlight. —

Anunnaki signal - Father, by Various Artists

from the album Visions of Darkness (2CD edition)
Where did all y'all amazing 😍 artists come from today while I had no service‽ So, while y'all were filling the Fediverse w #art inspiration luv, I flew my lil #drone up along the beautiful California coast today. Enjoy 30s of Big Sur starting w the famous Bixby Bridge. #Photography
Footage taken from about 3 hours ago:


OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license.
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Bardo Pond - Curanderos

With Bardo Pond’s RSD trilogy coming to an end, last year’s acclaimed Acid Guru Pond brought Bardo, Acid Mother’s Temple and Guru Guru together. The Philadelphia groups output for Record Store Day have been some of the most exciting and rewarding releases in recent years. They return with yet another special release, this time from side project ‘Curanderos’.

Formed by the improvised journeys of the formidable Bardo Pond and experimental ensemble Kohoutek, these compositions take you on a cosmic voyage through kosmiche, drone, noise, prog and free jazz. Purveyors of psychedelic rock, Bardo Pond have the outward specifications of a rock band but the rivers that converge into the band’s oneiric flow have their headwaters in the outlands of ecstatic jazz, free noise and the avant-garde.

Curanderos, by Bardo Pond

2 track album

Video captures Hurricane Maria’s terrible impact on Puerto Rico

The #video is an 11 minute tour of the #island, complete with #drone #flyovers and somber piano #music. It shows the #enormous #scale of one of the #worst #humanitarian #disasters in #US #history, as thousands of people continue to #struggle for #survival.
#hurricane #maria #puerto #rico #puertorico
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Behind the Shadow Drops - Positive Shadow, Negative Light

Behind the Shadow Drops is the new solo endeavor from Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto, founding guitarist and composer of iconic Japanese experimental rock group, MONO. Established in 2016, Behind the Shadow Drops combines Goto’s disparate but commensurate interests in many different forms of music, most notably ambient, trip-hop, industrial minimalism, and modern classical. Recorded at Goto’s home studio and mixed with esteemed producer and percussionist, John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, Yo La Tengo) ...

Positive Shadow, Negative Light, by Behind the Shadow Drops

from the album H a r m o n I c
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Norman Westberg - 410 Stairs

*"Best known for his work with the seminal outfit #SWANS, Westberg’s output beyond that group is sprawling and restless. His name recurs and ripples through many interconnected micro-histories surrounding New York City’s music and art scenes...."

410 Stairs, by Norman Westberg

from the album MRI
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The Beacon Sound Choir - 'Sea Of Voices' (Machinefabriek Rework)

The Beacon Sound Choir - 'Sea Of Voices' (Machinefabriek Rework)

Machinefabriek beautifully and delicately reworks the choir into a seamless 'Sea of Voices'. Knitting together the subtle moments of joy and harmony found within 'Sunday Songs'.

The Beacon Sound Ch

Russian #Drone With #Thermite #Grenade Blows Up a Billion Dollars of Ukrainian Ammo

A drone carrying a grenade infiltrated an ammunition dump in #Ukraine, setting off an #explosion that caused an astounding billion dollars worth of damage.
#war #technology #news #russia #drones #military #weapons

Kaboom! Russian Drone With Thermite Grenade Blows Up a Billion Dollars of Ukrainian Ammo

A single grenade-carrying drone set off one of the largest explosions in recent memory.
#TIL #gogs and #gitea support Continuous Integration via #drone


drone - Drone is a Continuous Delivery platform built on Docker, written in Go
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The Bug vs Earth - Snakes Vs Rats

Like master painters exploring a subject over a lifetime’s work, Kevin Martin and Dylan Carlson – The Bug and Earth, respectively – have each been mining and defining their genres for more than 20 years. They’re united by an interest in – really an obsession with – heaviness. They search for, examine and break the boundaries between beautiful and ugly, minimal and maximal, light and dark – but The Bug and Earth always make music that is heavy in the most thrilling of ways..... [WHOLE ALBUM](

more about EARTH & THE BUG

The (Not-So) Peaceful Transition of Power: #Trump’s #Drone Strikes Outpace #Obama



#usa #war #terror #justice #news #statistics #collateraldamage

The (Not-So) Peaceful Transition of Power: Trump's Drone Strikes Outpace Obama

By at least one measure at this point in his presidency, Trump has been more interventionist than Obama: in authorizing drone strikes and special operations raids in non-battlefield settings.
Drones kill Yemenis. Some of them have sued in Germany for death of loved (and innocent) ones; US does #drone strikes via German links.
2/28 archive + playlist now available...

RadiotroUBle Playlist / 28-Feb 2017

Drone, Ambient, Minimal-Electronic...DJ: Ninah Pixie and dAShttp://radiotrouble-archives.blogsp
... mehr anzeigen
2/28 archive + playlist now available...

RadiotroUBle Playlist / 28-Feb 2017

Drone, Ambient, Minimal-Electronic...DJ: Ninah Pixie and dAS mp3:

artist / track / album title / label

Opal2000 / Amorph / / Internet Archive

Desiderii Marginis / The Monkey God / Hypnosis / Cyclic Law

Atmosfearline Mantra Meka / Mantrameka / Internet Archive

Radboud Mens / Cycle / Cycle / No Rent Records

Souns / Blue / Lights / Kikapu / Internet Archive

Nigel Ayers + John Everall + Mick Harris / Mesmeric Enabling Devise / Mesmeric Enabling Devise / Soleilmoon

Clouds In My Home / S2 / S-... mehr anzeigen
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“The snow is melting into music.” – John Muir (1938)

Mind over Matter - 600 Miles around

Undying Color braids folk and formal, praise and play, within its heady swells and troughs, invoking American vernacular musical traditions and pulsating avant-garde electronics alike. With prayerful patience and ceremonial gravity, it conjures and celebrates the cyclical rhythms of nature: tidal surges, human breathing, cicadas in the wilderness gloaming.Whole Album

600 Miles Around, by Mind Over Mirrors

from the album Undying Color
#ambient #celer #drone #electronic #experimental

Overflow Pool by Mogador

Overflow Pool consists of three lengthy pieces full of lingering, aqueous chords that are spaced out by suspenseful lacunae. Each piece revolves around episodes of briskly struck piano chord clusters that are left to decay to near silence, for maximal contemplativeness.

Overflow Pool I, by Mogador

from the album Overflow Pool

Before or after the crusades, #CIA operaiton in #Iran, arming #alQaida, #war of #terror, #drone war, collateral murder, torture, war crimes, building #ISIS, muslim ban, Trump ...?

#QUESTION #fail #usa #altright #facism #policy #military #nomuslimban
#music #ambient #electronic #experimental #drone

William Basinski - A shadow in time

...the title track, “A Shadow In Time,” is a subtle, celestial escalation of melody and drone. The result is one of the most truly transcendent pieces of music he has ever committed to – or wrung from – tape.

A Shadow in Time, by William Basinski

from the album A Shadow in Time
Write a book, Brandon, give speeches... people need to know what the #drone programme does(n't) accomplish
When it comes to #drone strikes, which I covered a lot before, "civilian" means short enough for the burned/severed body to look like a kid

The Persuasion Filter Looks at Torture


If I ever get #captured and threatened with #torture it will take about five seconds for me to give up every #secret I have. That’s because I know I would break eventually, so why put up with unnecessary torture?

I assume the same is true for the lightly-trained #ISIS fighters. Some are just teenagers. Once the bravery-inducing #drugs in their system wear off, I have to assume tha... mehr anzeigen
You learn something new every day. TIL NSA is "non-US standard ammunition" Any more benign than #drone strikes? #nsa

Orbital ATK to provide NSA to US Army and international allies

Orbital ATK has secured an order to deliver non-US standard ammunition (NSA) to the US Department of Defense (DoD) in support of unidentified international allies.

Obama, retour sur les côtés sombres de son mandat #obama #eu #guerre #drone #Syrie #Irak #Afghanistan

YouTube: obama, coté obscur (Dom Mabb)

Obama, retour sur les côtés sombres de son mandat.

Departing Obama Tearfully Shoos Away Loyal Drone Following Him Out Of White House

#WASHINGTON — Stopping and turning around as he made his way across the South Lawn after hearing the unmanned aerial vehicle hovering just feet behind him, outgoing #President #BarackObama tearfully shooed away a loyal #MQ-9 #Reaper #drone attempting to follow him out of... mehr anzeigen
Remember when #clinton said she must have only joked about (not denying) wanting to #drone Julian #assange ? That's why #dnc lost
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