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@Feyrir tonikaku welcome to fediverse, have a complementary cute girl and #cofe
Mornings pleronians
Time for #cofe
@hakui Aw, hidden #cofe in the morning feels good…

Yes, dashes in these cases are important part of our language. They seem to be underused nowadays, though. Even the famous Russian editor, whose book I’ve read, laments over that.
how are you my dudes, i'm have some #cofe in my favorite Kill la Kill mug
Time to get some #cofe and get out of bed
@peach @tijagi @skoll @birdway I'm happily smoking a fag and drinking #cofe in 2005 tbh.
@rye @eal
Say, what about headpats,
What about huffing hair?
You hang out in a sweatshirt –
And end up drinking #cofe!
What about headpats…
@rye @eal #cofe
@eal @mayuutann @lain morning is the best time to drink #cofe
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