Beiträge die mit cofe getaggt sind

Tijagi’s weekend:

5:00 wake up and catch up with timeline on GS
7:30 #cofe, a small dish and going to ikea site
12:50 oh, is that a living hedera? I want it!
*Hedera leaf was used as a book ornament by typographers since Renaissance.
13:00 going to spend a fortune on decorative artificial flowers
14:00 realise, that driving there would be a mistake, because some items are out of stock. Make some strong #cofe to cement staying at home and start funposting on GS
15:40 Aaaah todo list!!
15:41 Run indesign to start writing GNU/Social almanach (not on the todo list)
15:41 Indesign throws an error and quits. New fonts? Run through pm log to find the list of recently installed packages
15:55 fix an error in n OS config
15:58 shoo a thought about putting / under git
17:00–21:00 get some things done
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