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[rt’s immensely appreciated!]
hiya friends, i’m opening up commissions! paypal only, please email directly at or dm on any site to get in touch! 🌟 thank you!!

#illustration #mastoart #creativetoots #art #creative #originalcharacter #ocs #oc #characterdesign #commission #commissions #commissionsopen
Ok I feel like a proper #introduction would be cool!
..I mean.. Right? 😓

My name's Mary and I'm 22 from Germany.
I dropped out of Uni because of mental health issues so now I'm just trying to make it on my own as an artist.

I'm super super into #characterdesign , #DnD, #OCs , #Comics and #digitalart !

Currently I'm working on my first comic at the side plus I also have a YouTube channel where I post art related stuff and love talking to you guys in the comment section. :)
(Sorry for the long post I have no idea how to put the read more button 😰)
People keep asking why my bag's so heavy.

Well obviously because I'm keeping my personal android bodyguard in there, what did they expect ?

#art #drawing #characterdesign
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