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Alabama bill set to abolish state marriage licenses

#MONTGOMERY, Ala.(Feb. 27, 2017) – An #Alabama bill that would #abolish #marriage licenses in the state, and effectively nullify in practice both major sides of the contentious national debate over government-sanctioned marriage, unanimously passed an important Senate committee last week.

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#NYT: Unlike Russian Wars, US Wars ‘Promote #Freedom and #Democracy’

But the outrage over Trump’s comments from pundits and editorial boards did not seek to spotlight his cynicism and its dark implications, but rather to insist that the United States is, in fact, on a higher moral plane than Russia. This is a childish assertion that serves to flatter the ego of American readers while legitimizing their government’s crimes.

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#NYT: Unlike Russian Wars, US Wars ‘Promote #Freedom and #Democracy’

But the outrage over Trump’s comments from pundits and editorial boards did not seek to spotlight his cynicism and its dark implications, but rather to insist that the United States is, in fact, on a higher moral plane than Russia. This is a childish assertion that serves to flatter the ego of American readers while legitimizing their government’s crimes.

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WASHINGTON — Congressional leaders confirmed this week what seemed inevitable with the triumph of Donald J. Trump: The far-reaching trade agreement with 11 other Pacific Rim nations that President Obama hoped to leave as a major legacy, but which Mr. Trump called “a terrible deal,” is dead.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the incoming Democratic leader, told labor leaders on Thursday that the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest regional trade agreement in history, would not be approved by Congress. Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, said flat-out “no” when reporters on Wednesday asked whether the agreement would be considered in the lame-duck Congress that convenes next week — its last legislative chance, given the opposition from the president-elect. (NYT)

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"Mrs. Clinton...seize on opportunities to paint Trump as extremist and recklessly impulsive." #podestaemails36 #nyt

Re: Hi Angel and Tina -- running stuff by you re Clinton/Trump story in tomorrow's NYT - WikiLeaks


On Mon Feb 29 2016 at 1 44 PM Christina Reynolds
creynolds wrote

News to me as is that last part. To my knowledge we ve not gotten to that
in planning?

I think the first point is ok but don t love pointing to state ...
There is also, of course, the consumer. The woman who subscribes to The New York Times may or may not read the op-ed page, which is to say that she may or may not contribute to the paper’s profitability — and thus its continued existence — based on what appears in that section. If she does read it, she is probably unaware that her favorite columnist has been demonstrably wrong about many of the most important issues facing both the U.S. and the world at large. The columnist’s errors have been pointed out by several bloggers, but she has never heard of them, and at any rate does not bother with blogs as she subscribes to The New York Times, which is a very respected outlet and has been around for well over a century, whereas these blogs seem to have come out of nowhere. The columnist, she knows, has won several Pulitzers, has written a handful of bestselling books, is forever traveling to some far-off place. She has formed her views on foreign policy in large part from his writings as well as from the writings of other, similarly respected journalists, and ... mehr anzeigen
Mark Rothko, white cloud, 1956

hm... wanna read his son's book on the life and work of his famous father...
Christopher Rothko gave up a profession as a clinical psychologist to oversee his father’s complex legacy and to lecture about his work. And now, more than a dozen years into that full-time life in the art world, he has published his first collection of critical essays about his father’s painting and its still-unsettling effect on viewers, “Mark Rothko: From the Inside Out” (Yale University Press).
Several times at the outset, Mr. Rothko makes clear what his book is not about, for readers who might come to it with expectations shaped by “Red” (2010), the Tony Award-winning play, or by the stratospheric market heights reached in recent years for Rothko works. (A painting from 1961 sold at auction in 2012 for almost $87 million, setting a record
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Israel’s #Charade of #Democracy

JERUSALEM — Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories is nearing the half-century mark, and Israel’s new right-wing government offers little hope of ending it. Nevertheless, the new government promises something else of value: clarity. And with that clarity, the opportunity to challenge the prolonged lie of the occupation’s “temporary” status. For if the occupation has become permanent in all but its name, what about the voting rights of Palestinians?

Two months ago, on election day in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel’s Arab citizens were flocking to the polls “in droves”— a clear effort to cast the voting of one-fifth of Israel’s citizens as a danger to be counteracted. That undermined basic democratic principles, but it paled in contrast to the status of the Palestinian population living next do... mehr anzeigen

Strategic talks between #Israel, #France deteriorate into serious #dispute

Strategic consultations between the countries last week end in discord over French initiative for UN resolution on talks with Palestinians. By Barak Ravid | May 14, 2015 |

Strategic consultations between Israel and France last week deteriorated into an argument over French Foreign Minister Laurent #Fabius’ initiative to advance a resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian issue in the United Nations Security Council, with Israel arguing that Paris was operating behind Israel’s back.

The meeting that took place last week at Foreign Ministry headquarters was therefore quite exceptional. From the first moments it became clear to participants that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to smooth over... mehr anzeigen

European leaders: Find ways to hold Israel accountable for occupation

Former European officials urge a new two-state approach that includes more pressure and fewer Americans. But can the EU ever bring enough pressure to change Netanyahu’s calculus?

The Oslo peace framework is obsolete, Netanyahu is disingenuous about a two-state solution, European funding for the Palestinian Authority only perpetuates the occupation, and the United States has never been an objective peace broker — that is what a group of 19 former prime ministers, foreign ministers and senior EU figures wrote in a letter to the European Union’s top leadership this week. (Download the full letter PDF.)

The top-ranking group of former officials, which calls itself the European Eminent Persons Group (EEPG), has sent very similar letters in the past. Signatories include former presidents and prime ministers of Ireland, #... mehr anzeigen

The #Vatican recognizes a Palestinian state and the New York Times mentions boycotts of Israel in a neutral tone:

While the Vatican’s announcement may carry special weight, it’s far from the only government to recognize Palestine. Some 135 nations have recognized a state of Palestine since 1988. In October, Sweden formally recognized the Palestinian state. In recent months, parliaments in Britain, Spain, France and Ireland have urged their governments to do the same. Meanwhile, international efforts are underway to increase pressure on Israel through boycotts and United Nations resolutions.

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Assessing the #Damage and #Destruction in #Gaza
red: Structure destroyed orange: Structure severely damaged yellow: Areas where Israel said tunnel openings have been found

An #analysis by #Unitar/ #Unosat, an agency of the United Nations, found that about 600 structures had been destroyed in the #Shejaiya neighborhood of #... mehr anzeigen
The Fog Machine of #War
Chelsea #Manning on the #U.S. Military and Media Freedom
WHEN I chose to disclose classified information in 2010, I did so out of a love for my country and a sense of duty to others. I’m now serving a sentence of 35 years in #prison for these unauthorized #disclosures. I understand that my actions violated the law.

However, the concerns that motivated me have not been resolved. As #Iraq erupts in civil war and #America again contemplates intervention, that unfinished business should give new urgency to the question of how the United States military controlled the #media coverage of its long involvement there and in #Afghanistan. …

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Israel/Gaza Cease-Fire Dynamics Breakdown
For months we have been tracking Israeli cease-fire violations in Gaza. In November of 2012, a cease-fire agreement was brokered by Egypt between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Previous cease-fire agreements, like the one brokered by Egypt in June of 2008 were shattered by extrajudicial assassinations carried out by Israel. … The media predictably continued to ignore Israeli cease-fire violations, which is why it was even more important to catalog them. If another massive Israeli bombardment of Gaza began, Israel would surely use the pretext of "self-defense" to fend off any international criticism and the mainstream media's failure to cover these cease-fire violations would have provided and supported the Israeli narrative needed to make war. Thus, we not only tracked Israeli cease-fire violations, but we also tracked if and how these violations were being covered in the mainstream. More on that later.

The chart below depicts a few things; Israeli cease... mehr anzeigen
Telepolis: Snowden nutzte Webcrawler
Die NSA wurde mit ihren eigenen Waffen geschlagen

Ausgerechnet Repräsentanten der NSA, die so bedacht auf das Wahren ihrer Interna ist, veröffentlichten ihre Einschätzung, wie Whistleblower Edward Snowden an die beeindruckende Masse der nicht durchweg für ihn bestimmten Dokumente gelangt sein dürfte. Wie die New York Times meldet, scheint Snowden nicht etwa das gesamte Material nach vorheriger Sichtung kopiert zu haben, vielmehr richtete er die Waffen der NSA gegen diese selbst: Snowden automatisierte seine Suche und ließ ursprünglich zur Auswertung des Internets entwickelte Webcrawler über die NSA-Computer laufen... weiter

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