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$0.59 for a whole watermelon, $3.52 for barely a quarter watermelon. I bought neither.
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Universal basic income and the role of technology in capitalism

~ Richard Wolff ~

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Caligua and friends, beyond borders, hand in hand, frolicking through the international world order forest....... Last week, 7 year senator and Trump's Oklahoma campaign chair arrested after being caught with underage boy at a motel.Senator & Trump campaign chair Ralph Shorty arrested after being caught with underage boy

Also, former U.S. speaker of the house sues boy he raped to return hush money after the victim publicly speaks on the matter.Dennis Hastert sues victim he raped for speaking out after giving them hush money

More backing information on this subject may be found on my prior post located here:

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Some person thoughts on what this series of new reports coversA few months back I'd commented on some of the nature of modern communication systems and public persuasion. These particular leaks/reports, that have began hitting public today, more than anything, I believe speak to this point. Among the many things I feel to be taken from what has been exposed are three things in most particular: I. That heading up what had been alleged as one of the largest anti-spam companies would be one of the most prolific spam operations in the world. II. That there is an economic/business "circle jerk" collusion of sorts between many of the largest spammers, consumer service/product corporations, communications/I.T. companies, and (supposed) anti-spam service operations. III. There was a purposeful and effective intent to move public to thinking within the bounds of the collusion. That is to say, people received "spam" in not only the forms of unsolicited emails for products and services, but also in the form of "media"... mehr anzeigen
so there is a "libre" version of uber:

what are the implications? would this enable "fair" working conditions while maintaining reasonable pricing? what thinks u?

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LibreTaxi - free and open source Uber/Lyft alternative.

LibreTaxi makes taxi affordable by getting rid of the third party between passengers and drivers. Negotiate the price before the ride is confirmed, pay cash upon arrival. 1-minute hiring for all drivers.
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Money Makes Happy - People make you Rich - WORST CASE BRAINFUCK ADVERTISEMENT

It is the advertisement campaign of i think a tobacco company… but i did not have the time to take a closer shot.

It read “money makes happy (and?) people make you rich”

…. hm…. well i would say this is one of the finest example how some elite do mass-manipulation of the psyche of people.

It is about brainwashing into whatever they believe in like money and money only is the meaning of life.

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#marketing is not a science; just as #economics not a science, lots of other things. They misuse science to pass off their agenda.

[Bitcoin Munich] February Event Review

This time we held our meetup in the conference room of the Hotel Cristal in Munich.

We were cooperating with the 3-day Pirate Party Security Conference 2017 that took place there.


They had no talks in the evenings, so it made much sense to move there, as soon as we were told (on quite short notice) we couldn't use our usual location due to some accidental double-booking. This other event in most probability was in the context of the big political theater of the... mehr anzeigen
Forbes Billionaires - Full List Of The 500 Richest People In The World 2016

1. Bill Gates Bild/Foto

Net Worth: $75 B

Source of wealth: Microsoft

2. rtega" target="_blank">Amancio Ortega


Net Worth: $67 B

Source of wealth: Zara

3. Warren Buffett

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I think it may be worthwhile to take heed to how often we are NOT presenting a thought of our own to others as much as the thoughts of others we've taken in and approved. Similarly worthwhile to take time in attempting to recognize how often we encounter others doing the same kinds of actions in what they present to us. It's not that such actions are bad, as much as when they become a persistent foundational center context of how discussion and commentary on discussion occurs, we've removed ourselves from ever having our own thoughts or stances. We've displaced our own freedom, as the basis and boundaries of argument have been pre-defined for us by the outside originators of the thoughts we present.

When we get to points where we are constantly regurgitating the thoughts and works of others, it's probably a good time to step back, assess all the meaning and implications of what we've taken in that we found agreeable, find the shortcomings it carries that prevent it from being something more, and to begin considering our answers to what brought those... mehr anzeigen
politicians are the condoms billionaires wear when they want to screw the public & mass media is their KY jelly.

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The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding (and what it might have to do with Universal Basic Income)

What if we regarded code not as a high-stakes, sexy affair, but the equivalent of skilled work at a Chrysler plant?
Indeed, I've been wondering about this subject for years, telling people that programmers will be the working class of the 21st century. That will mean the party of good and above-average well-paid jobs will be over for many of us. Until a decade or two ago, a programmer was some kind of artisan – crafting unique solutions with their individual programming style, albeit sometimes rather clunky and improvised ones, often to bridge gaps between larger systems of different vendors deployed in... mehr anzeigen
How money alters mindset and destroys societies - Wie Geld Gemeinschaft zerstört - Die Kung Story

John Yellen


The trabe of the Kung live in the Kalahari desert in Namibia – anthropologist John Yellen made that the Kung are probably the... mehr anzeigen
for perhaps the first time since i've been alive, i think the majority of people are past left and rights. there's no longer matters of "lesser of two evils". there's a collective "known" that the left and right are both a part of the same corrupted thing. i think for perhaps the first time, in a very global sense, there's a larger question of "where do we go from here?"

what do we do other than what the monsters would have us do?

positions that were formely understood as tied to government administration such as Presidents, Prime Ministers, on to areas of legal and policing have now taken on primarily roles of distracting the people away from their greater underlying thoughts. The purpose of the positions isn't so much administration of government as much as it is delaying people on immediately acting on their new understanding of reality in the failure of the systems.
However, even this delay in action leaves us in a post left and right world..... a world where there's no longer a question of if the ruling eco-politico institutions are legitimate. Everyone knows th... mehr anzeigen

Wealth Isn't Just Measured in Money — It's Measured in Choices

– by Jonathan Newman, #MisesInstitute

How do we compare #wealth over time? I came across one #fun #fact recently about the #highest-paid #athlete of all time. The first names that come to your mind might be #... mehr anzeigen

Less Marx, More Mises!

Why Brazilians Are Demanding "Menos Marx, Mais Mises"

To say that #Brazil is in the midst of huge political and economic #crises is probably an understatement. Brazilian #GDP has decreased for 3 years in a row, #unemployment stands at 10.9%, and #i... mehr anzeigen


originally wrote this the other day, but as I had been rushed, felt it could do for some touching up

Anyone else here seen The Truman show?
It's a film about this man named Truman that's unwittingly been cast into a huge "reality show" production.
Everyone in his world is a paid actor in on the gag, that is everyone but Truman himself.
I swear my life is starting to feel an awful lot like The Truman Show.

Did anyone else see this past U.S. Presidential election?
The whole thing from the start, from primaries on to the end, it was HILARIOUS! Democrats were rigging their own elections and running some lady mired in so many legal controversies that it was a given that AT LEAST one of the many issues had to be true. Republicans had an all star cast of comedians as well, the jokes on that end are simply too numerous to even scratch the surface of all of them.
Anyhow, rather than just one "Hope & Change" candidate, there were two of them this time, one for each major party in fact. There was some supposed... mehr anzeigen

#Brexit: The UK's economy grows stronger than Germany's!

UK ends 2016 with better than expected economic growth


The official data means that #Britain's gross domestic product (GDP) has grown by a steady 0.6% in each of the last three quarters, including the two that followed the #Brexit vote.

The annual growth figure of 2% confirmed a forecast by the #InternationalMonetaryFund, which had put the #... mehr anzeigen
Was going to offer my own thoughts but instead shall continue biting my tongue for now while offering the words of another....
Welcome To The United States Of Emergency

And so it begins.For those of us who believe in core progressive American values – multiculturalism, civil liberty and civil rights, free speech, a free press, truth in government, economic fairness, environmental protection, inclusiveness, equal justice, a humane society, the list goes on – today marks the first day of a disaster on a scale that until a few months ago was beyond our imagination. The White House is now in the hands of a pathological liar and megalomaniac, a mutation spawned of our celebrity culture, a thin-skinned authoritarian whose only real constituent is himself, and whose intentions, to the extent we can discern them, are to destroy a lot of the things that make this country (truly) great. Plus he has no idea what he’s doing. He’s slowly c... mehr anzeigen

BRIEF THOUGHTS (From the archives of personal philosophy):

I keep a "diary" of sorts.....some of it shared (to varying degrees) publicly. I decided to pull some of the shorter entries from it to share....

I. ON NOISE ARCHITECTURE (or Synthesis & Sound Design or "Music" as some call it):I think one of the worst things that can happen to an artist is for them to become overly concerned with pleasing people. you can only assess what people like based on the past, so looking to please them is a good way to get stuck. cyclically writing & performing material; yet not a single bit of it is actually new or really having anything to say that hasn't been said. when artists start making product & not art.

Reality" in totality is like White Noise The individual is akin to a filter....or filter bank. It's not that "our personal reality" isn't real, as much as it's simply a true perspective of filtered signal from the noise. Even a general glimpse of reality as a whole would appear to the individual as noise, it's the nature of the individual to... mehr anzeigen
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