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YouTube: 東方 Arrange - 嘲りの遊戯 (Ridiculous Game) (ThePreciousThing)

Title: ディスり過ぎでインファイト日和 (Perfect day for in-fighting over Suri di) "?" Arranger: MasamiT Circle: O-LIFE Album: 気象無原則 (Kishou Mugensoku) Release: Hakurei Shrin...
#2hu #music

YouTube: [東方 NuDisco/Vocal] [ShibayanRecords]Desert Years (The Little Pagoda)

♪ Title: Desert Years ♪ Circle: ShibayanRecords ♪ Album: RETRO FUTURE GIRLS (C85) ♪ Arrange: Shibayan ♪ Vocal: Yana ♪ Original: デザイアドライブ (Desire Drive) ♪ Ima...
#2hu #music

YouTube: 【東方ボーカル】 ShibayanRecords - 花のいろは 【Subbed】 (0P2C)

It was on my PC since 2013, among many things... I don't upload some stuff because I'm afraid it will be unpleasant to people. Or because it's already upload...
zomg the dress #2hu #music

YouTube: 【東方 Piano】化け猫が星条旗のピエロを不気味に弾いてみた【ピアノ】 (Einlazerd)

► Title: 星条旗のピエロ ♫ Circle: Assaultdoor ♪ Arrangement: setsugen ♫ Performance: 猫娘 (Nekomusume) ♪ Album: Imitation Circus ♫ Release: コミケット89 (Comiket 89) ► Ori...
going as far as wearing the correct cosplay for the video, as if the cute af handmade dolls weren't cute enough

I am definitely a fan
#2hu #music

YouTube: 東方 Lunatic Princess - Bakeneko - {Piano} (jetjam3000)

originally uploaded by Kelovar
piano always looks fun #2hu #music

YouTube: [東方ピアノ] [ぶらんちみいと]Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke (sedrife)

My second artist in discovery - Brunchmeat (ぶらんちみいと). Original Video at Nico: In Nico, he plays variety of game-relat...
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