@Michael Vogel @Friendica Developers Is there a documentation of the things to do when altering things in the database? I want to add some indexes to it.

I know that there is the include/dbstructure.php file for the changes and that I have to change the database version somewhere. Anything else I need to think of?
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The system is totally overloaded ... a query like "SELECT * FROM `contact` WHERE `id` = 45 LIMIT 1" can't take 19 seconds ... You need more memory on the server. When even a call on a primary key takes so long, the system is really aching ...
Axel Friendica
Sorry, just an Uberspace account, more memory is not an option ... besides, the poller is not an issue because it's running in the background (I think ?) and everything else is fast enough ... but under the circumstances it's probably not much use to add additional indexes then ... think I'd best try to reduce the load by moving RSS out to Inoreader again, which will also significantly reduce my number of twitter contacts. But thanks for the hint :)

Finding older discussions is (too) hard

This happens to me every now and then: I am not finding postings that are several days old. F.e. right now I am not finding the discussion where we talked about switching the directory to one of my servers.

I think we need to work on functionality that helps with that. Using the Star/Favorite functionality is very limited and the search function is useless.

How do you handle that? Any ideas?

@UX Watchdogs
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BTW: I'm confused. You are appearing as "snarl user" here:
Tell me about it. I have no idea why this is happening.

Running friendica on a wifi router

Hey folks,
do you think it's possible to run friendica on a wifi router like this one with 128MB RAM. Just wanted to know if I should give it a try or just forget it.

Is there a minimum requirements documentation somewhere? I found some stuff about using Lighthttpd but not much more.

Thanks and cheers!

@Friendica Support
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Hmm. RaspberryPi model A got twice the RAM of the router I was thinking of... Sounds not that promising.
Thanks guys for all the recommendations. I will have a look into that stuff.

BTW: I didn't get any notifications about those comments... Weird.

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Finds n bisschen zu bunt...
Ich find's auch prima! ( ... das farblich abgestimmte Zähnefletschen im wilden Durcheinander ;-))

Das mit dem runden Kopf finde ich am Besten.

BTW: Nimmst Du mich mit diesem Account auch in die Gruppe auf?
Ich habe das Gefühl, dass es ein Kommunikationsproblem zwischen und gibt. Ich weiß nur nicht, auf welcher Seite es besteht.

In meinem Logfile steht sowas:
2013-08-25 11:03:26: notifier: dfrndelivery: Hauke Altmann
2013-08-25 11:03:26: dfrn_deliver:
2013-08-25 11:03:26: rino: sent key = 6721732104ba259d
2013-08-25 11:03:26: md5 rawkey 44e8439a49ad94cf93424c92d312a8ed
2013-08-25 11:03:26: dfrn_deliver: phase 2: no valid XML returned
2013-08-25 11:03:26: notifier: dfrn_delivery returns 3

Allerdings besteht das Problem nicht zwischen meinen beiden Accounts.
neuer älter
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