#CESCR Olivier de Schutter asks #Russia about restrictions on indidgenous traditional fishing.

#CESCR Rodrigo Uprimny remarks that #indigenous languages in #Russia r best preserved where they have land 2continue trad way of life @IWGIA

#Russia s delegation in #CERD defends segregated education of #Roma children. What?

#UN #CERD expert Francisco Cali-Tzai asks about the residential school in whom most #indigenous children in #Russia are still educated

Scam of the day:

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Mein Finger tut weh vom #paperstorm. Auf geht’s, @JeanMarieCAVADA – Bringen Sie das Urheberrecht bald in Ordnung! #fixcopyright

Skandalös: #HeidelbergCement will mit Trumps Mauer das große Geschäft machen #unpresidented

Dieser deutsche Konzern-Chef kann Trumps neue Mauer kaum erwarten

Bernd Scheifele, Chef von HeidelbergCement, empörte mit öffentlicher Vorfreude auf die geplante Grenzmauer

Bitte? Quelle?

BREAKING NEWS. Swedish police have released picture of the man sought for the terror attack #lastnightinsweden…

Twitter: Neil Macdougall on Twitter (Neil Macdougall)

Nordea excludes ETP, Sunoco Logistics and Phillips 66 from all investments due to latest decision to proceed with d…

Twitter: Sasja Beslik on Twitter (Sasja Beslik)

If you're still trying to convince yourself that a 21st century coup is not underway, please, please snap out of it

Log In - New York Times

Skandal-Projekt Dakota Access Pipeline: Deutsche Bank hat (wieder mal) ihre Finger im Spiel #NoDAPL

Trump: Frontalangriff auf Sioux und Umweltschutz

So macht der neue US-Präsident Politik für Konzerne, an denen er früher selbst beteiligt war..

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have our revenge."

Obama: Free Leonard Peltier while you still can!

Free Leonard Peltier

Tell President Obama: it’s time to grant Leonard Peltier clemency.

#Russia: #indigenous activist Rodion Sulandziga detained, house searched, preventing him from chairing event…

Twitter: IWGIA on Twitter (IWGIA)

Ich habe heute an @mozthunderbird gespendet, zur Freiheit des Posteingangs. Unterstützen auch Sie Thunderbird

Mozilla unterstützen

Ich habe heute an @mozthunderbird gespendet, zur Freiheit des Posteingangs. Unterstützen auch Sie das Kommunikationsgeheimnis.

.@ACWAPower Wrong. Extending it in occupied #WesternSahara, #Africa's last colony, without express consent of its p…

Twitter: Western Sahara on Twitter (Western Sahara)

We’ve joined over 400 groups in an urgent global call on banks to #DefundDAPL. #NoDAPL #StandwithStandingRock…

Twitter: IWGIA on Twitter (IWGIA)

A NowThis exclusive: @BernieSanders on the fight against the DAPL and the environmental movement going forward

There can be no compromise on the issue of climate change, which is a threat to the entire planet.

Bernie Sanders on Donald Trump: "I would not say that there's any silver lining in Trump's victory."

Bernie Sanders talks openly about Trump's presidency, his own campaign, and the problems keeping his party from connecting with blue-collar Americans.

We owe Native Americans so much. It's time for a new approach to the Native American people, not to run a pipeline…

Twitter: Bernie Sanders on Twitter (Bernie Sanders)

Join the global campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, before Trump destroys the planet #nodapl. Sign here:

Before Trump destroys the planet

After Trump’s win, indigenous leaders across the US are calling for a massive global mobilisation against a monster oil pipeline funded by Trump that threatens to destroy their sacred lands and waters. Let’s answer their call and demand Obama stops it for good before the new president takes office.

Speaker: It has been 5yrs w/ progress. we heard today, people have been killed Don't want to have same discussions next year #bizhumanrights

in 2014 #bizhumanrights forum closing I got news 6 had been killed at Porgera mine This time the murder of Berta Cáceres is hanging over us

Platform agains impunity from Guatemala: We followed the recipe, tried all mechanisms, they are not working to protect us. #bizhumanrights

Laura Cáceres: "You shouldn't wait for a murder b4 u do something" #bizhumanrights

These #HRDs will leave the #bizhumanrights Forum today and return to their threatened communities .. will we see th…

Twitter: Mariëtte v Huijstee on Twitter (Mariëtte v Huijstee)

Global witness: Banks need to take action BEFORE defenders are killed & jailed. #bizhumanrights

#bizhumanrights Delegate from Guatemala: "Govt has informed me that protection is now withdrawn, my life is now under threat"

Omar Jeronimo talks about how murders of environmentalist in LatAm go unpunished even if perpetrators are clearly known. #bizhumanrights

what do if community reps are jailed and in acute danger?Swiss NCP:"create new platforms". Doesn't sound like rapid response #bizhumanrights

Daughter of murdered #indigenous environmentalist Berta Cáceres delivers powerful appeal to #bizhumanrights forum

Answer from Coca Cola on how they engage w/ communities is all in future tense. I sense this means they hardly to at present #bizhumanrights

Joan Carling: Best grievance mechanisms are customary justice systems of (indigenous) communities #bizhumanrights

@johrohr: In complicated supply chains described - how do you make communities aware of grievance mechanisms? #bizhumanrights #goodQ @International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA)

Joan Carling: There are many legacy issues, therefore companies need to build trust #bizhumanrights

Joan Carling: Many communities don't have land titles. Prior to FPIC, #indigenous land rights need to be respected #bizhumanrights

Joan: HRIAAs MUST be participatory, only communities themselves know what impacts on them are, only they what is at stake #bizhumanrights
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