wow, wie "kritisch" und so ungemein unangepasst und dissdent, die gleiche dumme scheisse, wie auch in den deutschen medien, schliesslich gehört die knarre in die hand des mannes und die frau an den herd, so wie daesh, hamas und fatah propagieren, nur ma so am rande, anonymiss, weisst du zufällig, ganz ohne google, wann israel jerusalem zu seiner hauptstadt erklärt hat? vielleicht mal raten?
ein ideologisches rumgetrottel, wie es im buche steht und sonderbehandlungfürjuden-dirk hatz natürlich schon fröhlich geteilt, tauscht eure dümmlich-deutsche moral doch mal gegen ein vernünftiges geschichtsbuch!
und der arbeitskreis "israelkritisches" deutschtrotteltum kriegt natürlich kein argument hin
Wolf diaspora
It's funny how murdeRED gets his panties in a twist like this any time Israel is invoked. Also funny how the only thing appealing about Israel are its women in combat.
passende gesellschaft, wolf steht zumindest offen zu seinem antisemitismus :D
Wolf diaspora
C'mon RED, I don't speak nazi. you're not too scared to give me the run down in english are you?
why? you are proving my point, i am almost a bit thankful :D
Wolf diaspora
to communicate on level ground and show you are not a coward. You trumpet equality don't you? :)
you are proving my point, i am almost a bit thankful
Gratitude is good, I am thankful as well. If you step into my shoes you would see that from my perspective you prove my point as well. Alas I have been generous, but you are a taker.
lol, no i dont need to step into your tiny shoes and itz cute, that you dont get the point :-*
Wolf diaspora
kekekeke likewise
kekekeke likewise
nice demonstration what happens when right.wing assholes don't have arguments.
Wolf diaspora
Oh was this an argument? Lil murdeR was too scared to translate his premise.
lol, that has nothing to do with "coward" or "scared", you are a nazi and no argument worth, maybe except my fist, the "funny" point is, that stupid "leftists" like dirk weber as example, agrees with you in that topic, but they dont want to talk about that :D
you are in that @least frankly, an antisemitic fascist dickhead, but an honest antisemitic fascist dickhead
Wolf diaspora
Oh that's funny murdeR, you call him an antisemite yet Dirk is a jew. :o You are an amusing little man murdeR, you pose as anti-fascist and anti-nationalist, yet you are obviously just a fashy-zionist fraud.
oh, you never heard about dan burros?
Wolf diaspora
lol are you trying to say that Dirk Weber is like Dan Burros? oh murdeR you are a laugh and a half.
or otto weininger? gilad atzmon?
Wolf diaspora
lol name dropping ftw. I am sure your Dirk is like all those people. murdeRED how did you get to be so righteous?
Lol LoL loL no one is deleting chicken's comments yet? Kkk'mon serve this faku invader doggo poop with his favorite dish. Kick his ashhhoul outto. It's for a good cause. Some psychoses can be cured that way. His butthurt to see a woman with a gun. That makes him even more mentally ill. He no like barbie and he no like combats. He no like nothin'. His womb envy is extreme.
Very interesting discussion.

First: @murdeRED dreams GrandWizardOfZOG and @Wolf - You may have forgotten, but I already PLONKed you. Since I am not willing to let you out of my killfile I also will not take part in your discussion.

Second: I just forwarded a picture showing an armed soldier and an unarmed civilian. It seems the soldier is from Israel, the civilian probably is an inhabitant of Jerusalem (?; might also just be another town in Israel/Palestine). In my opinion this picture symbolizes the actual situation in that region, which is absolutely not peaceful.

Of course I disapprove that women soldier because I disapprove any soldier. There is no military solution to a political problem, nowhere. Armies are an instrument of suppression, not of emancipation.

Third: I find it very interesting to learn more astonishing aspects of my person. As stated here I am a Jew and an antisemite, also it seems that I am a sexist idiot. In other discussions I was outed as a communist, even as member of the DKP (German Communist Party). I don't feel like discussing t... mehr anzeigen
ja ja und weilde plonkst, brauchst du dich auch mit keinen inhalten befassen oder deinen antisemitischen scheiss reflektieren, weil du bist ja ein besserer mensch und antisemitInnen gibtz ja auch gar nicht mehr, 1945 alle verschwunden, nichteinmal das ein offener antisemit zu deiner verteidigung beispiringt bringt dich auch nur ansatzweise zum reflektieren, selbstzufriedenes arschloch
Wolf diaspora
His butthurt to see a woman with a gun. That makes him even more mentally ill. He no like barbie and he no like combats.
trololol Lolrraine you seem to have a problem with reading comprehension. Take a second look at my first comment and re-read it slowly. You might find yourself suprised.

Crow crow crow bawuu bawuu bawuuu keep on barking poopoo dog, chicken McNazi and parroting parrot. You and your losers’ gang won’t catch one word of reading even after 57 times you see that written down. Your feeble minds invents fantasies and tales coz you know no reality. You don’t have half the guts to face a girl’s comment as it’s meant to be addressed and with no drrrrraaaama.
Thought you were McDonald Trumpet’s supporters. He is a barbie girl! Too. EWW
Still that Israel soldier is armed like hell and the civilian is just an old man who is confronted with her. I am very happy that I do not have to encounter a soldier armed like that.

Soldiers tend to make use of their weapons and ask later with their opponent not being able to answer since being shot.
without this soldiers, more dead jews, no problem for dirk
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