I have the worst landings ever.
rip like every Ju88 landing gear ever made.
@ajr A little known not fact is that as the war dragged on Germany switched to paper mache for their main manufacturing material.
@dokidoki so thats why the do 217 J was made out of cinderblocks.
@ajr The one good thing that came out of the resource shortage was Fanta.
@dokidoki also i came into the airfield to fast so i kinda ditched into some command tents.

It was only the generals.
@ajr you mad man
@dokidoki Their was another bigger bomber on the landing strip it was either an even more expensive bomber or the command tent besides it was like afternoon all the important people were busy reviewing the city defense.
@ajr Flyboys live in their tents. That and the strip club. They HAD to be there!

P.S. good job
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