Honestly Gentoo's emerge is something I find easier than Arch's pacman, this is not up for debate or argument, i'm stating my view.
@LottieVixen I've been thinking about trying Gentoo so I'm searching for positive aspects of it, could you point out anything specific that makes emerge better than pacman in your view?
@neon @LottieVixen I'm using a recent gentoo install. Just my two cents.

The good about portage:
* You can build software with the features you want/need
* march=native feels like it actually makes a difference on some programs
* The firefox version is perfect
The bad:
* Compiling takes a while, can't install software on a whim.
* Needs a lot of tinkering with config files
* oh, you need to change this use flag on a common lib? time to recompile everything!
The ugly:
* cryptic slot conflicts

I found it much more confusing than pacman at first but starting to like it.
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