#Trudeau invites #pope to #Canada for apology to #natives


-> The Pope refused!

#news #history #crime #fail #church #HumanRights #politics

Trudeau invites pope to Canada for apology to natives

Reconciliation with indigenous people necessary for healing after 'residential school' horrors, Justin Trudeau says.
Another leftist idiot cause. Read a history book dumbass. People been shot and run off their property since day one. Islam is trying to it to Western Civilization now. Wake up. Choose your and stop crying for yesterday's losers, worry about being tomorrow's losers. Hey, Geronimo, here's Pheonix back, sorry about the buildings and all...
AxeHaft diaspora
This whole thing turned into a big show from The Drama Teacher (Trudeau.) The Pope was smart to stay away from this sort of nonsense especially knowing Trudeau's love of SJW causes and the emotional drama that has to accompany everything he does in public.
Canada need an election, with Trudeau out of it...
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