Mulk diaspora
"...hijack the starship, carry 7,000 people past the sun..... "
@Mulk: that's analog to the schemes some of the ridiculously rich are executing today, building gated communities, cities, etc...
Mulk diaspora
It was just a dream we dreamed, long ago, when we were very young....
Mulk diaspora
The veil of all the years goes sinking from my eyes like a stone.
it's gonna take a little while but! we will regain all of genuine human-heart-mind-virtues... no way we won't, we are the kings and the queens; those idiots ruling it all now are only poor idiot slaves... mankind will wake up, for sure... just wait a little, some hundred years or so... I mean it!
Maybe a bit earlier.
@YA: I admire your optimism,
but: "we will regain all of genuine human-heart-mind-virtues"?
When was humankind ever in a state of "genuine human-heart-mind-virtues"?
before we disconnected from life... long ago; we being on the path of becoming individual beings (slowly by slowly)... all to do with freedom.
freedom can only live if one can also choose the "evil, bad or whatever bullshit" ever... and, freedom is only the other side of love!
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