Amazon is planning a push into digital advertising in 2018, challenging Google and Facebook

Two #media buyers said #Amazon showed some willingness to share more user #data than #Google and #Facebook have traditionally — if the #advertising #budget was big enough.

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Amazon is planning a push into digital advertising in 2018, challenging Google and Facebook

Amazon wants to boost its search and video advertising opportunities, as well as help companies advertise across the web.
Just when you think things couldn't get any worse :/
Just what we need. 😐
"But advertisers have been searching for a third large competitor in order to lower prices and force Google and Facebook to be more open about sharing user data"

Fortunately I've never used Amazon and I not going to use never.
The problem is others will :(
Of course, but its difficult to convince them to not use Amazon, Google or Facebook. I cant get it, for me was very ease.
I'll admit that I was an early adopter of Amazon. I thought it was a good thing to introduce some competition in the market place. Who wouldn't want more choice and competitive prices for books and music? Same with Google with the original search service in the early 2000's. They did it better. Then sucked us all in.
Now it has grown into this? What a shame. Just corporate greed ruining everything.

I believe this is why Libre efforts like Proton, TOR, open source hardware, Linux, Libre smartphones, etc will win in the end.
#GAFAM - I'm hoping their greed and abuse of power will be their undoing.
My greatest fear is that in the future if you care about your privacy that you face severe disadvantages because those big companies know nothing or not enough about you.

I think we could get a similair social credit rating system like China will in 2020 but not pushed directly by our governments. Instead we get it through the backdoor because we usw all those "convinient" services. Interesting perspective. I'll have to do some searching of the term "social credit rating". It's new to me.
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