… coming up, another Radio troUBle special, with the return of our good pal DJ univac...

COMING UP 3/7: Radio troUBle on DFM RTV INT (Amsterdam, NL)

EARLY ELECTRONIC MUSIC Special (pre-keyboard elec

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:O i still want a moog and a mellotron. BECAUSE I MISS THE SIXTIES! T.T they were so fun. i could easily make a cult, and do lsd while playing the mellotron and moog. and never worrying about safesex. T.T but humans today make stupid music and start developing these things called stds... and now america only has a handful of amazing artists. :3 great thing i have access to several other countries of artists. that back then it was simply what they told us to like... then the punk scene came on...

(then a fifty paragraph essay on musick...)
Eris, Nina Lynn would be pleased if you tell her your thoughts, she'S totElly into all dat stuff :)
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