Never trust the cops ...


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Naked Security: Police give out infected USBs as prizes in cybersecurity quiz (Lisa Vaas)

Quiz winners at a data security expo were given USBs, which been accidentally infected with executable malware files
Ted diaspora
54 out of 250 8G drives were infected with the malware when an employee of the firm handling the drives tested their storage capacity… from his infected work station.
Maybe it's just a test to see if people who come to this kind of quizz have learned the lesson. :)
In Grenoble (France) there is someone (maybe several people) who leave USB keys that give a massive electric impulsion that kill the motherboard. These keys are left next to the university, beteween may and septembre of 2017. A hundred PCs are already dead. A paper about it right here (in french).
Ted diaspora
It seems the ones that caused damage in Grenoble were more powerful than this one, developed by a Russian computer researcher.
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