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* I'm wondering about to do some podcast's, any experience out here?
how to?
where to?
what to?
basic errors to do (and there for check them right away ..)?

* Hi Leute, ich überlege einen podcast aufzusetzen. Was gibt es da für Erfahrungen hier?
Anfängerfehler (dann kann man die gleich am Anfang abarbeiten ..)

* Holas gente, estoy pensando en tantear hacer un podcast, tenemos experiencias aqui?
con que?
erorres de principio (asi los cometo de saque ..)
must be plenty of tutorials out there, but do not know much about them myself. evidentially not that hard to do if you can deal with your stage fright.
stage fright?

_.. ist der Ruf erst ruiniert .._

point is for example where to upload and how to promote ..
When I had my podcast show I used WordPress with a podcast plugin that would add podcast-specific tags to the RSS feed for pickup by standalone aggregators, iTunes, FeedBurner, etc.

You can also write your own RSS feed with the tags if WordPress isn't your thing.
so iTunes only need the info of an rss feed to list new episodes? a friendica profile with rss should be enough than?
Yes, as long as you have the necessary fields in the feed.
intelesting apple would become aware of my existence?? hmm .. piensa piensa piensa ..</>
You could also use a service like Feedburner so you could add a "subscribe" button to the site and self-promote, without submitting to be included on iTunes :)
aha ..
it's basically about a) being published and b) being found, so point about itunes is what to let them know while registering .. on friendica i can upload files and even webm so i can publish movie over there. i wonder about audio .. what are actually the podcast files? mp3? also ogg??
I'm not sure what formats iTunes accept these days. I haven't been podcasting for 11 years. If they accepted ogg that would be awesome.
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