Aurora Australis 1908-09

Cover illustration of the first book ever produced in Antarctica, 1908. Aurora Australis was produced by members of the Nimrod Expedition; edited by Ernest Shackleton, illustrated with lithographs and etchings by George Marston, printed by Ernest Joyce and Frank Wild, and bound by Bernard Day.
Shackleton tells of two purposes behind Aurora Australis: to create a unique record of the moments before his first ascent of the South Pole plateau, and as one of many cultural activities intended to keep the men occupied for four long, cold, dark months.

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Aurora Australis, 1908-09 : Shackleton, Ernest Henry, Sir,1874-1922 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

statement of responsibility: [pref. by Sir E.H. Shackleton : published at the winter quarters of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1907, during the winter...
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