The #SiliconValley #paradox: one in four #people are at risk of #hunger


No one can seriously want this future model ...
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The Silicon Valley paradox: one in four people are at risk of hunger

Exclusive: study suggests that 26.8% of the population qualify as ‘food insecure’ based on risk factors such as missing meals or relying on food banks
Lack of corporate responsibility. Plain and simple. Profits over people.. and the beat goes on.
Let's get rid of all the laws plzzz then we talk again. Seriously there, I agree with you ^ but institutionalized corruption... is still corruption.
yep.. fascism is ubiquitous.
Fascism? I'm sorry, not getting you Lil' Beanie. Do you mean the lack of corporate responsibility, profits over people.... are fascism?
And what about the laws then? It appears they are not being applied at all, except for the very poor. Am I getting the scenario correctly?
What I mean is if an organized system is being used as a weapon of terror against its members as it's often been the case throughout history then it does not serve the purpose for what it was conceived. It is not just useless, it's actually deleterious.
Some corporations are definitely directed by fascist masters.. but everything in this present economic model is driven by the fascist principles that set them up. When I say fascism, I am referring to the second form. Republics are now universal yet the republic is fascist in nature -- it proclaims that the majority are ignorant masses unable to lead.. this might have been true in the Dark Ages but I think it is fiction. I believe in humanity -- not leaders.
I'm a bit confused Lil' Beanie. Spain, Sweden, Norway, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Monaco, Australia, New Zealand, Japan are only a few of the major "players" that are actually monarchies. They are not a republic. Defined as Constitutional monarchies for reasons I'm not quite certain. Maybe because they have a voting system. Others are absolute monarchies, examples Saudi Arabia, Emirates, the Vatican and others, they're not a republic. The corporations you probably mean are most probably in breach of the US constitution and of the law. That's why I made a point about corruption. The US is a republic, not a monarchy. Still a bit confused what you mean with fascism. In any case, do you mean you feel anarchy is the answer?
No, Lorraine. Anarchy is never good. What I call fascism boils down to an elite group of families that started in Rome before Christ, the so-called "rich landowners". They are the "he who dies with the most money wins" people. They are not a political group but, like Soros, specifically back political groups -- typically both sides in order to control society. When I think of anarchy, I think of the "wild west" -- no, we are stronger together.
I'm sorry, still confused.
Republic starts with the Athenians I think, before Christ. Rome kinda started as a republic then turned an empire. Can empire and republic coexist in principle? I don't know.
The rich landowners are the essential feature of the Dark Ages which is due to a group of Scandinavians then called the Franks who introduced feudalism to my knowledge. The UK today is a perfect example of this. It is not to say that oligarchs didn't exist in prior republics. They probably did.
You said republic is universal. Either I'm not getting what you mean or it is not universal. Most places today are constitutional monarchies, other major ones even absolute monarchies. Others are republics.
Republic and constitutional monarchy have a common denominator, they can both be defined as democracies. People vote? If yes, then that's a democracy. The main difference is democracy is rule of the majority. A majority can technically fully alienate the minority.
Republic can't technically alienate the minority even in case a majority would like to, because of the constitution... mehr anzeigen
I'm not a prof, Lorraine. Academics like to divide cakes up into different sizes and shapes and call them different things but, in the end, it is still cake. Look at what the goal is and you determine what the beast is called. Fascists have nothing to do with nationalism, they are all about control, however, industry, politics, security, monetary systems, transportation, food, you name it. As for concealed or open, that depends on the times. They use whatever works and have played the long game. It is difficult to say that monarchs are fascists but I have noticed the British monarchy and Roman Catholic church and Henry Ford supporting Hitler in his day.. so there is definitely conspiracy involved if not more direct membership. Yes, the Greeks seem to have created the original Republic, at least as an idea but fascists co-opted it. Look at its design: a very few telling a massive majority what to do. Pure fascism!
I'm no prof either, Lil' Beanie. I think in order to understand what we're talking about it is always important to identify the meanings of terms and their contexts. If fascists have nothing to do with nationalism then what you mean is not fascism unless this word has many meanings and so we need to know what we're dealing with.
Supporting Hitler in his day also is a hazardous speculation in my view. Which days? It doesn't occur that Hitler went to power/was elected/was infiltrated/other many theories... with a holocaust agenda, or did he?
Conspiracy yes, I think that is much closer a probability regarding what's going on. They use whatever works, exactly. One of these 'whatever works' is to bend laws, blackmail, bribe and silence witnesses. There must be many people involved in this sham whether intentionally or not.

Question is, who are they conspiring against? If the aim is to suppress the free will of the populations, their human autonomy, a degree of independence and turn people into slaves, machines, low paid servants and disposable then the plot needs to include 1... mehr anzeigen
Yes. I agree. This is clearly where Monsanto figures into the equation.
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