Jorge diaspora
You mean "crimes under the state", those two people are puppets.
There is a full congress of people behind each of the front men.

Many are just actors as such .... delivering a message from a set of people that decide on what is the best action to take in any circumstance.

Why ...... we always think the leader is the criminal - its the ones behind in the shadows - that keep getting away with things year after year - decade after decade .......... the front man may be the most intelligent man on the planet - but upto just ...... we have not seen how intelligent they are ...... Trump without a doubt proves what real intelligence is with his high IQ .......... !!!!

The many that sit and make votes for the people as their representatives ... I would one day like to know why in this modern age with everyone having a computer and can communicate and represent themselves.

Why do we still have this archaic system of representation ...... it might have been needed in the 1960 s ..... but today ?

Anyway .... what would people like to see done to the front man .... or puppet that would change anything that the people in the... mehr anzeigen
**joe diaspora
I'm still waiting for them to charge Andrew Jackson ;)
Of course it's true that crime is crime, but the absence of the current criminal-in-chief in that meme makes me wonder about the priorities of whoever made it. The "alt-right" would have us believe that Bush and Obama were leftists, and that the so-called "deep-state" that trump blames for his failures is a leftist plot.
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