Eugen Mastodon
Minor update to - list will now only display instances upgraded to 2.0 and later, which is the quality you've come to expect.


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@Gargron I do not think that people expect much when joining
also like
OStatus isn't THAT bad
@Pasty What's OStatus doing here ? @Gargron
Eugen Mastodon
@Technowix @Pasty Yeah that's kind of irrelevant lol
@Gargron Eugen, how do you respond to folks who worry about "name squatting" on other instances?
Eugen Mastodon
@jpacker they don't worry about namesquatting e-mail addresses do they?
@Gargron My instance is tagged as unstable. Can I get some information of how this is considered?
Eugen Mastodon
@thomas below 50% uptime
Eugen Mastodon
@thomas but yours is marked as intermittent, not unstable (yellow, not red). to be green you need at least 98% uptime
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