One more strike for :birdsite: and one step closer to me leaving it for good.

(Someone wanna invite Lucien to Masto? We could use a few Satanists around here.)

Satanic Temple Threatens to Sue Twitter for Religious Discrimination After They Were Threatened With Arson 

Here’s the latest development in a fight that started weirdly and only got weirder as time went on: the Satanic Temple is threatening to sue Twitter over an imbroglio that began with former child-actor Corey Feldman ranting about “Satanic nutbags” and retweeting a call to burn down their headquarters, and ended, somehow, with the permanent deletion of the Temple spokesperson’s account. Lucien Greaves, the Temple’s cofounder and a spokesperson for the organization, accused the company in a press release of “egregious failure to apply Twitter’s Terms of Service evenly, or even sensibly.”
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