Humble Bundle is advertising/funding a nonexistent/scam charity now. good shit

There’s something shady going on with Humble bundle right now

Hey guys! There was a thread here a few hours ago about how shady the latest Humble Bundle is, and the evidence that the charity being…
@revenant The other day, a friend was looking at a different humble bundle and noticed that they had identified the wrong version of whatever it was they were offering. So people essentially buy it thinking that they were getting Photoshop, but getting Photoshop Elements. It was a different offer than Photoshop, that’s just the one coming to my mind right now as comparison
@revenant i’ve been wondering whether not they were shady for at least a month now, which kinda sucks.I wonder what the backstory is
@byte @revenant perhaps they started to become shady after ign acquired them?
@slipstream @byte kinda my impression too, i had almost forgotten that IGN had bought them out just a few months ago
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