josef Mastodon
what is discord? is it for gamers? ive literally never heard of it until about 3 weeks ago?? nobodys ever told me about it???
@jk It's basically Slack for teh gamerz.
Eugen Mastodon
@TrollDecker @jk Well let's be honest it's about 1000% better than Slack due to not fragmenting your user accounts and not being so helly laggy
@jk basically they reimplemented irc and voip and put them together and called it new and exciting
@reality I thought that would be #Matrix's description @jk
@kzimmermann @jk I actually thought #matrix was what @reality was talking about, before I expanded the whole conversation.
@jk it's a lot like slack, only instead of teams there are servers, only they're not really servers, and an emoji keyboard. And "now playing"
@logicaldash @jk which is like irc, but with emojis (the reason they gave me when i asked them, also which irc also has)
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