Oh, yeah. The moon landing hoax. In the past, when I was much younger, I also believed their lies. But finally, through personally talking to professional astronomers in my hometown working at a radar station, I was convinced, it must have been very expensive to shoot a rocket towards the moon, landing it—but only with fake footage on board, broadcasting it back to the earth. After all there were very few people in the world who were able to receive this footage immediately by directing a 60ft dish antenna to the small spot on the moon. The astronomers of my hometown were among those lucky fuckers.
Did you just say that it would have been too expensive to fake it? as in... more expensive than going there?
At least too expensive considering the few people on the planet with high capacity antennas to actually receive the pictures. Would have been much easier to just bribe them according to 'hoax theorists'. It's simply unreasonable.
By the way. Those astronomers were the only ones in the western hemisphere who managed to record the voice of Yuri Gagarin in the 50s.

What do you think about several plans that Elon Musk, NASA and Co. are currently conducting for upcomming moon flighst. Do you think they will be able to pass the Van Allen Belt? Will they speak out about technical difficulties? Or might they just bury any way of dealing with them just to cover up the almost 50 year old so called hoax?
I think that they are not taking radiation seriously, and that they will fake it or fail
Anyone who is fooled loses, that much I know...
Pretty unspecific, your suspicions. you're bothering a little bit much about those cloaky things behind the curtain you can only theorize about, don't you? Do you know Umberto Eco, the famous writer? (Perhaps by a movie after his book 'the name of the rose'). I would strongly recommend you reading "Foucault's pendulum".
What do you think is the most intriguing evidence for what you call a fact?
Probably the footage where they are placing the image of Earth on the window on the LEM, as if they were halfway to the moon, and then you can see the blue sky on another window. But what really convinced me was thinking about the temperatures on the moon: 150 degrees when in the sun, -150 degrees when in shadow... and that polaroid sitting on the surface, in the sun, it would have curled and burn in no time. Actually it was the accumulation of evidence, hundreds of instances of it, going from the faking of the photos to radiation, to temperature, to stars, to the cryptic words of Neil Armstrong... And knowing that the LEM was made of aluminum, a couple of millimeters thick only, and they didn't even have their suits on during the trip (imagine if a micrometeorite had suddenly pierced the hull)... and oh: how about the fact that until very recently no rocket had been able to land on its own retro rockets (spacex did it) but they supposedly landed on the moon doing exactly that 6 times in the 60's... And the list goes on and on and on and on
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