Tobias Friendica

Berlin 2016

A 3rd time a @Friendica Hackathon in Berlin or better find another place as Berlin gets boring?
Tobias Friendica
@Michael Vogel in Berlin again?
Berlin is fine for me, especially since most Friendicans seem to come from there - and it has an airport for @Fabio Of course we could make Hamburg as well. But this would mean more travelling for more people.
Berlin would be perfect for me because I know people there and it's not that far away
Tobias Friendica
Berlin seems to be favoured - shall I ask if we can use the media room at eLok again?
eLok or the place that we had before.
Tobias Friendica
I think eLok has more space to eventually split up in smaller groups
Tobias Friendica
@Fabio when will you be back from Australia and could fly over to Berlin this year? What do the others say?

Otherwise I think September is a bit to short for planning (FSFE Summit, elections and generalle being next week already).

After the 3.5 release, the 3.5.1 is currently scheduled for November 27th (and 3.5 for today).
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