Hackathon 2016 Berlin

@Friendica Hackathon I think the old thread (started before my relocation to the raspi) is not functional anymore, hence I start a new one ;-)

@Fabio when will you be back from Australia and could fly over to Berlin this year? What do the others say?

Otherwise I think September is a bit to short for planning (FSFE Summit, elections and generalle being next week already).

After the 3.5 release, the 3.5.1 is currently scheduled for November 27th (and 3.5 for today).
zu Friendica Hackathon via Wall-To-Wall:
@Tobias Why do I get this posting only in here and not via on my belug-account ? o.O
both of you should get it
Oh forget it - now it appeared from somewhere.
I've seen it from the anonsys-account, switch to my belug-account and scrolled backwards, but it wasn't there.
snarl seems to be down ATM. But nevertheless I'd say October would be good for a Hackathon. Then there would be about a month to test the code produced at the Hackathon before the 3.5.1 release is scheduled.
I guess the backup script at is blocking the system. @Hauke Altmann could add the option "--single-transaction" (if the tables are InnoDB).

October sounds great. I'm not available at the red marked dates:
snarl answers on pings - perhaps just a restart of $services was needed ? I don't know - just a few days ago Hauke has been active :-/
I don't know if I will be able to attend Berlin hackathon this year..
My comment seemed to haven't been send ...

I'm blocked at the red marked dates:
October is bad in eLok, but November should work. Now HSV has home games on 6th and 13th which would make the weekend of the 19th/20th the one in November @Michael Vogel would be free (?). What about the rest @Rabuzarus?
Usually I can't say something about a date which is 2 months in the future :-) I know we do planing a PunkRock Festival in November (but the exact date isn't clear at the moment). Form the present point of view 19/20th November sounds good
Beim FRe;AKs Treffen spricht nichts gegen das besagte Wochenende. Also werde ich mal in der eLok nachfragen.
Just got word from the e-lok crew, that weekend is fine :-)

I've put a teaser in the (upcoming) 3.5 release notes, but there will also be a extra blog posting for the Hackathon later.
Leute ? Hat vielleicht noch jemand ne Benachrichtigung ueber meinen Kommentar mit dem anderen account von vor 2 Wochen bekommen ?

Das ist uebrigens der account, den ich vor ca. 4-5 Tagen dicht gemacht habe o.O
den Kommentar?
Why do I get this post­ing only in here and not via on my belug-​account ?
vor zwei Wochen hatte ich da eine Benachrichtigung bekommen ja.
Genau den. Ich habe darueber sowohl vor 2 Wochen, als auch jetzt eine Benachrichtigung bekommen.
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