Tobias Friendica
Opening tomorrow at 9:30 I think.
Ich werde wohl am Samstag kurz vor 10 eintrudeln. Ich habe gerade das Zugticket geordert.
The small image has an empty src in the original post on my instance, while the link to the larger version is correct 🤔
For some reason,

Mate has arrived :-)
@[url=]Friendica Hackathon[/url]

gets turned into this:
  1.  Mate has arrived <img class="smiley" src="" alt=":-)" title=":-)" />
  2.  @<a href="" class="userinfo mention" title="Friendica Hackathon">Friendica Hackathon</a>
  3.  <br>
  4.  <a href="" target="_blank">
  5.   <img src="">
  6.  </a>

(line feeds added for clarity)

It looks like someone is going to dive into BBCodes back 🙄
Tobias Friendica
The image is public, as the posting is shared in the Hackathon forum and all my Friendica contacts and it was viewable in the forum account yesterday shortly after posting it.

What I noticed recently is, that for some postings images "need more time" then the postings itself to arrive/be processed. Maybe some priority issue with the workers. But I cannot claim this is for all the images.
Montag Friendica
Same here on my instance
FYI, a pull request is in the works about it.
Draißen ist es schmuddelig grau, drinnen git es dieses WE den Friendica Hackathon :-)

@Friendica Hackathon und ich bin gerade Höhe Spandau.
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